ARMputer BF210 (Product discontinued)

Parameters of the device:

  • Processor: ARM920T 180MHz z MMU (AT91RM9200)
  • Memory: Operating 32MB SDRAM, BIOS 128KB Serial Data Flash
  • Disk drive: Any SD/MMC Card 256MB-32GB
  • USB 2.0 Host/Device Controller - Full Speed
  • Ethernet controller 100Mbit
  • External Real Time Clock
  • Interfaces: 3xSSP/I2SI2C/SPI/61 GPIO/JTAG
  • 2xRS232, RS485 with automatic switching of transmit direction
  • Pwr supply 7-35V 0.2A max.(0.7A max., With full USB load)
  • Software: dedicated BoFF Linux (Kernel

    Product discontinued.

Gross price: ---

Zamówienie: email lub telefon.

This evaluation board is based on ARM AT91RM9200 from Atmel. Choosing of Linux OS, opens wide spectrum of applications for BF210. You can put your personal board on BF210 using port connectors and dedicated mounting holes. With BF210 You are able to create your own system for specific applications. Huge library of free software rapidly cuts development time. BF210 is able to use home or small business server. Very low power consumption and low-noise work is the advantage. Big storage capacity is possible because SD cards on market have many gigabit. Good sample of using BF210 is our website based on it. Statistic of our server you can find HERE On this server are also installed services like SMPT, POP3, SSH, FTP. For BF210 is added generic BoFF Linux distribution and toolchain as a fundament for own firmware building. On BF210 you can port any ARM linux distribution like for example popular Debian. LENNY or SQUEEZE versions are available.

2.6.27-at91.patch.gz91 KBKernel Patch for AT91 processors KBKernel 2.6.27. patch for ARMputer BF-210
u-boot-1.3.3-bf210.patch85 KBBootloader U-boot 1.3.3 path for ARMputer BF-210
bf210-sch.pdf760 KBBF210 - schematic
bf-210manual_upd.pdf2337 KBBF210 - manual
2.6.37-boff-bf210.patch9 KBPatch for the kernel 2.6.37 (At91 patch is not required)