BF30T ARM-JTAG/AVR-ISP Programmer-debugger (TTL version)

Parameters of the device:

  • BF30 is an universal tool dedicated for programming FLASH memory and debugging ARM based microcontrollers family.
    It is also dedicated for FLASH memory programming in the 8-bit AVR microcontrollers .
    Using only one BF30 tool we can program the most popular based microcontroller family.

    Except for BF30T, the set consist of:

    WIGGLER cable (IDC20 – IDC20) for connecting BF30T to a target device with the ARM microcontroller.
    ISP Cable (IDC10-IDC10) for connecting BF30T to a device with AVR microcontroller.
    DVD with drivers, and control software for the BF30T. Instruction for preparing free development environment for the ARM microcontrollers, with example project for the STM32-Butterfly prototype board.

Gross price: 20 EUR

Zamówienie: email lub telefon.

The device can work in the ARM or AVR mode.
In the ARM mode BF30T is fully compatible with the OCDLINK interface, so it can work with open debugger program the OpenOCD.
In the AVR it is fully compatible with the USBASP programmer, so it can work with the programs dedicated for the USBASP interface for example AVRDude or Khazama AVR Programmer.
Thanks to these programs the device can work under control the Windows or Linux operating system.
. In the OCDLINK/ARM mode programmer except for JTAG inteface has additional RS232 port, which for example can be used for displaying logs from the serial port in the target device.

The BF30 is available in two voltage standards:

The BF30T, where RS232 interface has TTL voltage level output.
The BF30R, where RS232 interface has +/-12V RS232 standard voltage output.

The BF30T can be used with 5 or 3,3V devices. In the OCDLINK-ARM user can take control under the CPU core, and microcontroller peripherals and for example can work in the single step mode, set the hardware trap, view the microcontroller registers or memory. In the AVR mode user can program 8-bit AVR family using the ISP interface.

Retail sales Kamami BF30T
Wholesale orders available via e-mail - minimum order 10 pieces.

BF30_instrukcja_obsługi.pdf959 KBBF30 User Manual